fluorescent lamps vs soft yellowy desk lamps

I never claim to have high aesthetic standards. I like the brightness indoors, which is best provided by fluorescent lamps. I hate a somber office environment provided by only using desk lamps. Unfortunately all female personnel I know like to have that. If we are in a bar, that’s all right. But i would like to have a brightly lit office. Today I wasn’t allowed to turn on the office light. Until today, I was allowed to turn on the light as long as I turned off when I left the office.- this pattern started two weeks ago.

Today when I entered the office, one of the new comers cried to turn off and she asked an intellectually snobbish guy who fools around as a volunteer which way was better. Maybe I should have resisted. Unfortunately I cannot always act on time. I am very angry with myself being so tolerant and being so exploited most of the time.

* One day I enter the office: a major re-design by others. 

-Erkan did you like it? What the f*** if I don’t like. Will you change it back?

anyway, of all things around, a trip to İnönü with Celil Hoca was the most peaceful moment in my recent life: 


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  1. I have to say that I am so disappointed with this post. Yellow lights, whether desk lamps or not, are way better than the fluorescent ones. I can hardly ever concentrate during classes at school over here because of those brightly shining white lights and the ultra shiny and sterile classrooms of my school. Also, I really find it funny that this is the only post that I’ve written a comment for among all the other serious news, but I really wanted to convert you to the good old yellow lights, sorry!


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