"After Kemal" by Perry Anderson

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Article | After Kemal by Perry Anderson

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After Kemal by Perry Anderson [1]

ALSO: Kemalism by Perry Anderson[1]

‘The greatest single truth to declare itself in the wake of 1989,’ J.G.A. Pocock wrote two years afterwards,

An interview with Orhan Pamuk: "Winning the Nobel Prize made everything political".

Data Mining and Internet Profiling: Emerging Regulatory and Technological Approaches

The 9/11 terrorists, before their deadly attacks, sought invisibility through integration into the society they hoped to destroy. In a similar fashion, the terrorists who carried out subsequent attacks in Madrid and London attempted to blend into their host lands. This strategy has forced governments, including the United States, to rethink counter-terrorism strategies and tools.One of the current favored strategies involves data mining. In its pattern-based variant, data mining searches select individuals for scrutiny by analyzing large data sets for suspicious data linkages and pat-terns. Because terrorists do not "stand out," intelligence and law enforcement agents want to do more than rely exclusively on investigations of known suspects.

Using Deleuze as a guide to reading Foucault

This blog outlines the experiences of two people who presented a seminar on reading Foucault. It could be very useful if you are thinking of doing something similar. They present their methods, and some key quotes and ideas, especially from Deleuze. Of course I appreciate the quote, well known in some circles, where Deleuze calls Foucault

European history

Why Holocaust film makers want children to watch

Google Chrome Q&A

By Philipp Lenssen on Search

Via email, I’ve asked Google group product manager Brian Rakowski a couple of questions in regards to Google’s web browser.

The art of reviewing academic work

I have used this inspired essay a number of times when reviewing books, articles, PhD theses, etc, so I thought it was time to share it with others.

APA Votes to Ban Participation in Torture

Thanks very much to Deathpower for alerting me to this news. As discussed on previous occasions on this blog (see this post, and the previous one) along with a video featured in the video pod collection in the sidebar of this blog, the American Psychological Association (APA) has moved by ballot a resolution stating that,

Johannes Fabian: Ethnography as Commentary — Writing from the Virtual Archive

More on U.S. Militarization of Open Access

As if to continue a previous post here titled, “Imperializing Open Access and Militarizing Open Source: “What’s yours is ours. What’s ours is ours” (1.3),” we can see that others, including Noah Schachtman below, are beginning to realize the situation that open access publishing has to face  in this “era” of a U.S. “global” war “on terror”.

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