"Yet Another Threat to The Turkish Republic: Postmodernism

Yet Another Threat to The Turkish Republic: Postmodernism

[Originally published in Turkish Daily News] Did you know that the Turkish military sees postmodernism as a “threat” that should be fought against? We all learned that about a week ago when the new Commander of Land Forces, Gen. Işık Koşaner, made a speech which summarized all the enemies that the Turkish Armed Forces despise. These included the usual groups: “Separatists,” religious orders, and “unpatriotic” circles. But the latter included a new cadre of treacherous citizens: “the post-modernists.” The high-brow general openly stated: “The propaganda network that consists of a postmodern clique of some media, academics, finance circles and NGOs are working in order to weaken and disintegrate national unity and national values.” He also added that these “postmodern” traitors are “manipulated by global powers.”

The unaccredited accreditor

The General Staff’s recent decision to invite the editors-in-chief and Ankara representatives of some formerly unaccredited newspapers was received by some as a breakdown of the 11-year-old Feb. 28 decisions that established double standards in the General Staff’s relations with media organizations, among other undemocratic measures.

A mother’s confession links Susurluk to Ergenekon

Another shocking allegation in the Ergenekon case came late Thursday, when the mother of a Susurluk prisoner claimed the gang employed her son in more than 90 murders in the name of the

BASBUG MAKES HIS MARK – Eurasia Daily Monitor

Charges against Ergenekon Prosecutor under investigation

An investigation into criminal complaints against Zekeriya Öz, the prosecutor in the controversial Ergenekon case, has been launched, the justice minister said late Monday on the sidelines of

Gen. Başbuğ is fine-tuning

Mehmet Ali Birand

2009: the year of judicial reform?


2008 has been a year in which the immediate need for reform of our justice system became visible to everyone. Why should 2009 not be the year of reform of the justice system?

TSK acts run contrary to people’s wishes

The Turkish military has increasingly been widening the gap between the citizens and itself despite its traditional claims that it has been the army of the people and that it derives its strength from the people.

The justice system’s avowal…


Remarks made yesterday by Hasan Gerçeker, president of the Supreme Court of Appeals, to mark the opening of Turkey’s "Year of Justice" shed light on yet another reality concerning the Turkish justice system.

The PKK’s point of resistance


Turkey’s greatest error is that it deals with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) problem not through realities, but instead by tricking itself.

The AK Party longs for a CHP-less political arena


What the Turkey-Armenia football match really showed once again was that in this nation, there stands a Republican People’s Party (CHP) blockade in front of every positive step to be taken and every possible solution.

Is this Başbuğ’s ‘Diyarbakır expansion’?


I find the visit by Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ to Diyarbakir both meaningful and valuable. This is for two reasons: The first is that the door to democratic dialogue — which is necessary in order to achieve a solution — has been pried open.

Baykal’s crisis-centered politics and the lack of a real opposition in Turkey

Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal’s involvement in a polemic between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Doğan Media Group owner Aydın Doğan and his taking sides with Doğan has once again raised the issue of the lack of a viable opposition in Turkey.

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