Exactly 100 days left.

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Excerpts from the 13th Writing Report to Erkan dissertation committee members: 

Glad to be on time. This is a Saturday afternoon, I am in my office and there are exactly 100 days left before the defense day I and Jim arranged. I am contemplating about what to do in the remaining days. I still believe things are under control but I am continuously stressed for not writing/working enough. Here is what I think: I am going to submit a full draft by the end of September. A full first draft which will need too much work to do but it will still be a ‘complete’ form.

I still need to insert data all over the drafted 9 chapters. Most of the chapters are in mess with fragments of data and writings. Particularly, ‘internet urban legends’ chapter needs attention as all the material collected is in Turkish. So for the first three weeks of September, I will do my best to integrate my notes and blog archive. Then I will work on the draft form in the last week; more than inserting new staff.

Anyway, I had kept my usual pace of work during last week. I was never satisfied but I kept doing what I do during the week days. I did some cleaning up too. Especially on Chapters 005 and 006b. I will attach them both for the highlighted chapters of this week.

 Current Dissertation Draft
    includes 9 drafted chapter (plus bibliography), nearly 148,000 words in 254 pages.

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