"Nosemonkey interviewed: On EU blogs and Russia

Nosemonkey interviewed: On EU blogs and Russia

By nosemonkey

Believe it or not, from time to time people actually ask me for my opinion on things, rather than me just spouting out unsolicited words into the electronic ether and hoping that someone may spot them and correct my mistakes.

As such, this evening I’ll be doing the talking head thing on the BBC World Service’s World Have Your Say, trying to come up with a coherent theory about Russia’s current plans and how the rest of the world should respond. (Likely argument? Russia’s being childish and throwing a tantrum, and there’s usually two responses to tantrums: smack them or ignore them. Unfortunately, neither option’s really possible in this case.) Any suggestions much appreciated.

The Caucasus war viewed through Europe’s blogs

By Ole Skambraks

Blogospheres are vibrating in the aftermath of the war in the Caucasus. The need to understand and debate is huge, as spin doctors have been manipulating the news on both sides

NEXT NEWS IS WRONG. YOUTUBE STATED TODAY THAT THE BAN CONTINUES; Erkan now believes only a YouTube generation can save Turkey. So far, I haven’t heard a single person who defends the ban. Only after the system does not support any more those unique cases who goes to court for a ban and of course those backward-minded judges who support the unique cases…As you can see if these were particular, exceptional cases there would not be a ban. There is something more systemic.


YouTube returns after three-month ban

Access to YouTube, a popular video sharing Web site banned in early May by a controversial court decision for broadcasting videos deemed insulting to the nation’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was reinstated on Saturday night."

Mother Jones interactive military presence map

By David Pescovitz

Mother Jones launched an interactive map that shows US military presence around the world from 1950 to 2007. It’s based on worldwide troop data from the Pentagon. From Mother Jones:

Facebook Population: A Global Breakdown

Top 8

1 USA 31,679,380 about 1 in 10
2 United Kingdom 12,216,660 about 1 in 5
3 Canada 9,878,540 about 1 in 3
4 Turkey 3,747,000 about 1 in 20
5 Australia 3,615,620 about 1 in 5
6 Chile 3,165,260 about 1 in 5
7 Colombia 2,959,020 about 1 in 14
8 France 2,605,980 about 1 in 19"

Katrina 3 years on: Online and recovering

By Talia on Hurricane Katrina

Description: This week marks the third anniversary Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast region of the United States, leaving nearly 2,000 dead and many more physically and emotionally scarred. A new report shows that recovery since the disaster has been mediocre at best. While many continue to point blame at different factors for poor recovery, some enterprising activists are getting online and taking care of business on their own.

Digital Tools Being Used: Blogs, Google Maps, other maps

Russia Has Fastest Growing Internet Population in Europe

By Allen Stern 

comscorecomScore has released new stats for European Internet usage based on their World Metrix audience measurement service today. The report shows that Russia is leading Europe in Internet audience growth followed by France, Spain and Ireland. Russia’s Internet audience grew 27% from June 2007-June 2008.

Using a Camera Phone and Youtube to Document Police Brutality in Morocco

By Amine

Description: The small southern port city of Sidi Ifni in Morocco has recently seen recurrent clashes between the country’s security forces and protesters denouncing rampant unemployment and corruption.  While Le Matin, the country’s leading pro-government newspaper was headlining that calm and normalcy had returned to the city (See Article in French here) a video taken using a cell phone camera was posted on Youtube showing the shocking brutality of police forces and the disproportionate use of force and violence during arrests.

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