"Commission to test free access to EU research

Strasbourg not yet ready for MEPs

The European Parliament’s temporary relocation to Brussels from Strasbourg reignites a row about where it should be based.

Pieter Aertsen
found in Small Food Nation
(Pieter Aertsen, Butcher’s Stall with the Flight into Egypt, 1551. Source.)

Commission to test free access to EU research

A pilot project that will give unrestricted online access to EU-funded research results was launched yesterday (20 August), which the Commission claims will ensure better exploitation of scientific studies and guarantee a "fair return" for taxpayers. But specialist publishers are unhappy with the move.

Memories of Czech invasion

Two BBC website readers share their experiences of the Soviet invasion and living under communist rule in Czechoslovakia.

The end of illusions?

By Samuel Abrahám

The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 caused the Soviet empire to lose its internal logic even for the communist faithful. Yet today, the naivety of the reform communists serves as a pretext for the dismissal of any vision of a better political system.

Hopes dashed

How one Czech journalist reported ’68 Soviet invasion

SLATE: The last two weeks have been a disaster for U.S. foreign policy. – by Daniel Benjamin

The west is strategically wrong on Georgia

The Georgian fiasco heralds the end of the post cold-war era. But it does not mark the return of any new cold war. It marks an even bigger return: the return of history, writes Kishore Mahbubani

Fact and fiction

Uncovering human rights abuses in the Georgia conflict

Russia scales down Georgia toll

Russia says it has evidence of 133 civilians killed in the conflict over South Ossetia – far lower than its initial estimate of 1,600.

US-Russia in war of words over missile shield deal

The signing of a Polish-US agreement to base an American missile shield on Polish soil triggered a war of words between former Cold War enemies, adding to the tensions over the crisis in Georgia. Washington has denied that the missile shield is aimed at Russia but Moscow said the deal contains new elements perceived as a direct threat.

Georgia conflict: Russia asserts itself

Russia’s invasion of Georgia has shown the world that the US, the EU and NATO are all "paper tigers" in that region, writes former US ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro William D. Montgomery for Belgrade media service B92.

CECIMO supports the Communication on the new industrial property rights strategy for Europe

By Pierre-Antoine Rousseau

On 16th July 2008, the European Commission launched a new industrial property rights strategy for Europe. Although there are already some multilateral and bilateral agreements as well as a European legislation in place to prevent and correct IPR abuse in the countries where European manufacturers do business, the challenge is now to better apply and […]

Georgia, Bulgaria and the Second Balkan War

By Douglas Muir

So, the Second Balkan War.

Unless you’re a history buff, or Bulgarian, you probably don’t know about this. And that’s fine. Unless you’re a history buff, or Bulgarian, there’s no reason to. Still, I think it might have some relevance to recent events.

Short version: back in 1912, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece teamed up to attack Turkey. They won. In fact, they won big, grabbing huge slabs of territory from the hapless Ottomans… but they couldn’t agree on how to divide their spoils. The disagreement got so sharp that just a few months later, the Bulgarians tried to resolve it with a surprise attack on the Serbs and the Greeks.

Georgia, Between Hope and Fear

By Redjeb Jordania

I cannot help being anxious about what’s happening to Georgia. My daughter is in Tbilisi with my grandson. Her husband, Sandro Kvitashvili, is the minister of health and social services. I don’t know how dangerous his job is each day, whether he is on the streets, possibly exposed to gunfire. I don’t know how he will cope with all the dead and wounded, how he is helping the refugees.

Conflicts Put NATO to the Test

An alliance under fire from the Caucasus to the Hindu Kush.

NATO’s Troubles and Ukrainian Lessons for Pakistan

By Nikolas K. Gvosdev

So, NATO decides to suspend its ties with Russia; Moscow one-upped the alliance by simply cancelling the upcoming exercises and contacts altogether. So the suspension of the NATO-Russia Council doesn’t seem to have been that big a deal.

Merkel on point?

Talking to the Russians

MUCH has been made (for better or worse) of Nicolas Sarkozy´s diplomatic dealings with Moscow in recent days. With France holding the rotating European Union presidency at a time of particularly delicate relations with Russia, the French president has understandably been thrust to the fore.But some analysts argue that the more low-key Angela Merkel is the European leader who truly has the ear of leaders in Moscow these days.

EU neighbours seek help in post-Georgia climate

Information Cold War in Georgia

Matthew Derek Crosston: The West needs some serious balance in the way it analyzes and discusses the Georgian conflict.

A Common US-EU Strategy of Democracy Promotion is Feasible

By Pierre-Antoine Rousseau

Christine Otsver: A joint US-EU strategy of external democracy promotion is possible but has to be clearly segregated for it to be effective. Original post by Atlantic Community

MAIN FOCUS: US missiles in Poland | 21/08/2008


Yesterday the US secretary of state an
d the Polish foreign minister signed an agreement on the stationing of a US missile defence system on Poland’s Baltic coast. The Russian government has harshly criticised the plans. Is Europe facing the prospect of a new arms race?

European beaches, from the Croatian islands to the Black Sea

By Mary Maistrello

Crossing via the urban sands of northern Europe to the fun-filled southern Salentine peninsula – there is a stretch for all those who want to try something new, even in the capital

Brussels, collateral damage in the Belgian conflict

By Jean-Sbastien Lefebvre

Neither Flemish nor Walloon, Brussels is the battlefield of choice for the divisive struggle that is plaguing Belgium. Faced with a situation that does not seem to be getting any better, some residents of Brussels have decided to form a new political party. We meet one of them

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