Journalism roundup: Spain’s “Ancillary Copyright” Law leads to closure of Google News in Spain…

Google News abandons Spain in paid content row Spain’s government Thursday defied Google’s vow to shut down its Spanish online news service in protest at being made to pay for content, in its latest legal clash in Europe. Google News to shut down in Spain following new copyright law  The Next Web by Owen Williams A new … Read more

Turkey continues to pay for her foreign policy choices. Fails in UN Security Council bid…

Venezuela Gets Security Council Seat; Turkey Fails  NYT > Turkey by By SOMINI SENGUPTA After two rounds of voting at the General Assembly, the five new rotating members will be Angola, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain and Venezuela. Ankara strikes upbeat note despite failure in UN Security Council bid New Zealand and Spain win the seats in the … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Dropbox moves forward.. News from Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and Aaron Swartz cases…

92% of E-Book Downloads in Russia Are Pirated E-reading is on the rise in Russia, but piracy remains a big problem for the burgeoning market. How Dropbox Plans to Replace Your Hard Drive Dropbox wants to replace your computer?s hard drive. 56% of Social Media Users Suffer From FOMO We all know that social media … Read more

5 Top Bitcoin Alternatives..Snowden to Venezuela… The Atlantic piece on Reddit.. A cyberculture roundup

Snowden points to US moral decline The debate reinstates the most morally problematic aspect of imperialism: rules that apply to the ?civilised? do not apply to outsiders Snowden: Your Emails or Facebook Profile Can Make You an NSA Target How does the National Security Agency choose who to target for surveillance? Snowden interviewed on NSA … Read more

Snowden gets two Asylum offers and a proposal… Global Heat Map of Protests in 2013

  Venezuela, Nicaragua Offer Asylum to Snowden Edward Snowden might finally get what he’s been looking for: a safe haven to avoid facing justice in the United States. On Friday, the Presidents of both Venezuela and Nicaragua said they could offer the NSA whistleblower asylum. Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman proposes to Snowden on Twitter NSA … Read more