#TheDayWeFightBack International Community Unites to Protest Big Brother

So far, the only piece in Turkish here. The battlefield is the Internet. Whoever wins the Internet wins the war. (h)ac(k)tivist — (hak-tuh-vist) noun: a person who uses technology to bring about social change. The Hacker Wars ?a film about the targeting of (h)ac(k)tivists, activists and journalists by the US government. There is a war … Read more

Well, there is something called U.S. Government Shutdown…

U.S. Government Shutdown: Who to Follow on Twitter UPDATE: Just after 12 a.m. ET on Tuesday, the government shutdown became official, according to government officials and multiple news reports. As Americans consider the ominous specter of a government shutdown, here, below, is a list of Twitter accounts that will keep you informed Ten Questions About Obamacare … Read more

Tor network gets a major hit… A cyberculture roundup…

A technical explanation here. Feds bring down Tor-hosted child porn site using suspected vulnerability in Firefox browser The US government has successfully taken down one of the Internet?s largest child porn sites, following a program that cracked security on a service that enables anonymous Internet browsing and site hosting. Twitter Reveals Data About the U.S. Government … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Digg Reader, Pirate Bay Founder Guilty of Hacking, PRISM scandal..

  The making of Digg Reader Writing for Wired, Matt Homan Mat Honan on Betaworks’ race to build a replacement for Google Reader in just 90 days. If you are interested in a 35,000-ft view on how Web-based software is built, read this. Inside Digg’s new RSS Reader It wouldn’t be a sexy subject were … Read more