Update in the military service issue.

The newest claim is that there will be paid privates in the military… we do not know yet what this entails.. This might lead to shorter terms of service but I guess there are many clashes behind the doors.. Proposal on Turkish military requires wholesale changes, say experts from U.S.A.K. Blog by USAK ANKARA – … Read more

Turkey still wants apology from Israel

Turkey wants Israeli apology for fatal raid from Yahoo news TURKEY’S prime minister has again accused Israel of “state terrorism” and called on the Jewish state to apologise and compensate victims of a raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. The Canadian Press: Turkish PM describes Israel flotilla raid “state terrorism,” demands apology ABDULLAH BOZKURT – … Read more

A sinister plan: 9-month military service proposal

A few weeks ago, Ministry of Defence and new Chief of Staff declared that they have plans to make military service 9 months for all. As a persuasive technique they underline that this will provide equality. At the moment there are five different service types. Their crude populism offers non-college graduates a decrease in their … Read more

Attempts to take Turkey back to pre-AKP political scene: PKK increase attacks, Top courts intervene in favor of Ergenekon, American neocons scream for battle

Top Statesmen visit the ambushed site … and a few ask why the all powerful Turkish army cannot defend its own soldiers… And the government doesn’t have any other support than its own constituencies. Hard times to be an AKP official. Middle Eastern sympathies cannot become a concrete support in near future, AKP has to … Read more

So did you do it?

Ergenekon prosecutors asked the Office of Chief of Staff what they knew of coup attempts between 2000-2009:) News in Turkish. here and here.

According to an Hürriyet news, Turkish Armed Forces began to use its new slogan in army premises: “Strong Army, Strong Turkey”. This slogan has been debated recently. Pro-army people loved it, others questioned what that really means. Some suggested a change in places. Strong Turkey will provide a strong army not the other way. Not to mention the fact that Strong Army nations mostly remind dictatorships whose societies are indeed weak…

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