#Europe agenda: Heatwave in southern countries and Social democratic wave (!) in Nordic countries…

France heatwave: Paris region closes schools BBC News | Europe | World Edition  Regions around Paris announce school closures as France and Spain expect heat above 40C. European heatwave: France hits record temperature of 44.3C BBC News | Europe | World Edition / The new record was measured in the southern town of Carpentras amid a … Read more

#Europe agenda: “Should Germany ban AKP election campaign” while President Erdoğan bids up by claiming: “Germany ‘aids and harbours terror’..

Debate: Should Germany ban AKP election campaign?  euro|topics The city of Gaggenau in south-west Germany has cancelled an event at which the Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ was to appear, stressing that this was not a political decision against the campaign for Turkish constitutional reform but a decision based on security concerns. President Erdoğan plans to … Read more

"EU's Lisbon Treaty comes into force

EU’s Lisbon Treaty comes into force

and more from the European agenda…

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If Sarkozy and Merkel are against Blair, maybe we should support him:)

Merkel and Sarkozy unite to end Blair’s European dream

from EU-DIGEST by Turkish Digest

Europe, World – The Independent

“Merkel and Sarkozy unite to end Blair’s European dream

Former prime minister’s bid for EU presidency founders as continent’s most powerful leaders announce they would prefer candidate from smaller country

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