Many Israelis think apology to Turkey ?mistake?… A FP roundup…

Is Turkey delaying the Israeli normalization process? It has been nearly three months since Turkish and Israeli diplomats started negotiations for the terms of an agreement. Israelis think apology to Turkey ?mistake? A large majority in Israel believe it was a mistake to apologize to Turkey for the Mavi Marmara raid   Turkey: Background and … Read more

Eutalsat suspends Roj TV; French Senate commission finds genocide bill ?unacceptable?…A foreign policy roundup

Eutalsat suspends the Kurdish television network Roj TV from On Turkish Media and Cultural Politics by ecealgan After Danish court found Roj TV guilty of promoting terrorism on Jan 10, 2012, Eutalsat decided to suspend Kurdish transnational broadcasting station Roj TV?s transmission today. Even though this is a smart move for Eutalsat, which is one … Read more

but of course, it is not the Turkish Judiciary to demand what you want… ROJ TV to continue to air.. and French Senate set to vote on genocide bill on Jan 23

Kurdish Roj TV Received Fine but Remains on Air A Danish court rejected the request to close down the Kurdish Roj TV channel and ruled for a monetary fine of DKK 65,000. The satellite channel was alleged of having connections with the PKK. Roj TV to continue broadcasting, Danish court rules A Copenhagen court sentenced … Read more

Nigâr Hacızade’den Roj TV kapatma davası/Roj TV trial

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as expected, “EU progress report criticizes pressure on Turkish press

EU progress report criticizes pressure on Turkish press from Hurriyet Dailynews Even though there is increasing open and free debate over sensitive issues such as minority rights, press freedom is still a problem in Turkey, according to an advance copy of the European Commission?s annual report about the country. Other areas of concern in the … Read more