Surveillance a la Turca: ” Surveillance camera turns away as police beat civilian during Gezi protest

Ekrem Dumanli: Turkey’s witch hunt against the media – Jan 1 – Ekrem Dumanli is editor in chief of the Zaman daily newspaper in Turkey. When I first appeared in court after last month’s raid on my newspaper in Istanbul and 80 hours of detention, I asked the judge: “Two columns and a news … Read more

Protests on the 1st Anniversary of Corruption Probe as Turkey NOW Convicted of Torturing 19 y.o. Demonstrator

Protests on the 1st Anniversary of Corruption Probe  Bianet :: English Several protests have been held on the 1st Anniversary of Corruption Probe within which four minister resigned. While the hashtag #hırsızvar (#thereisathief) became a top tweet, 5 demonstrators were detained in Istanbul. Blame game continues in Dink murder case: Former Istanbul intelligence head accuses former Trabzon … Read more

Turkish Constitutional Court working on 10 percent election threshold… Turkey’s Science Minister declares Muslims discovered Earth… Dispatches from Turkey…

Turkish Constitutional Court working on 10 percent election threshold Turkey’s Constitutional Court is considering applications that call for lifting the 10 percent threshold in the Turkish election system, according to Constitutional Court head Haşim Kılıç. Muslims discovered Earth is round, Turkey’s Science Minister says After President Erdoğan’s ‘Muslims discovered America’ claim, a Turkish minister raises the ante … Read more

Rubens’ Three Graces is in trouble in Turkey! Barbarians at the Gates news from Turkey…

Turkey’s media watchdog goes into racy details for kiss scene RTÜK has done it again, raising eyebrows this time by going into the ‘erotic’ details of a TV drama kiss scene WorldViews: Why Turkey’s military wants to ban ‘Game of Thrones’  Yahoo news New regulations for military schools in Turkey reportedly prohibit the screening of shows like … Read more

Turkish Parliament accepts all-purpose Military Motion..

Turkish government gets OK for military operations in Syria, Iraq  Hurriyet Daily News Turkey’s Parliament passes a controversial motion to grant the army to enter Syria and Iraq, ostensibly to take part in the coalition against ISIL Turkey’s mandate includes ‘military action abroad, opening bases to foreign troops’ Hurriyet Daily News 2d  //  keep unread  //  hide … Read more