A very sad day for Internet Freedom in Turkey. AKP’s censorship law passed…

As Emre Kızılkaya of Hürriyet sums up: Pirate Party of Turkey recently elaborated what was expected in this Censorship Law. We will keep up the fight against which is getting closer to tyranny in Turkey… That was not future we hoped to have… Turkey poised to crack down on Internet usage USATODAY.com ? Feb 5 ? ISTANBUL … Read more

“Interview with a Turkish Pirate about the Protests in #gezipark

Interview with a Turkish Pirate about the Protests in #gezipark June 24, 2013 · by Andrew Reitemeyer · in Europe, Interviews, Pirate Party News The recent protests in Turkey started  on 28 May 2013. The protests were sparked by the brutal eviction of a sit-in at Istanbul?s Taksim Gezi Park protesting at plans for the park?s demolition and replacement with a shopping mall.  The Pirate Party of … Read more