A literati roundup: “12 Writers Who Still Refuse to Use Computers”, digital humanities, 2011 Words of the Year…

Orhan Pamuk is one of them… 12 Writers Who Still Refuse to Use Computers Jan 1st, 2012 Computers are incredible tools: we use them to connect around the world, gather all of the information in the universe, find inspiration, and maybe play a few games now and then. They’re also very helpful for writers, offering … Read more

Special Issue on Michel Foucault by Theory, Culture and Society Journal

You need to have subscription to this great journal to read the articles but I am sure all major university libraries are subscribed to. At the end there is also roundup on art/intellectual/academic links…
[update: all articles downloadable here]
Introduction: Thinking after Michel Foucault
Couze Venn and Tiziana Terranova
Theory Culture Society 2009;26 1-11
Alternatives to the Prison: Dissemination or Decline of Social Control?
Michel Foucault
Theory Culture Society 2009;26 12-24
Foucault’s Untimely Struggle: Toward a Form of Spirituality
Paul Rabinow
Theory Culture Society 2009;26 25-44
Identity, Nature, Life: Three Biopolitical Deconstructions
Judith Revel
Theory Culture Society 2009;26 45-54

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