Eurosphere: Papandreou gone, Berlusconi to go…

MAIN FOCUS: Berlusconi announces gradual resignation | 09/11/2011 from euro|topics After losing his parliamentary majority, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced on Tuesday evening that he was ready to resign. But he wants to give up his office only after the new budget law has been passed. That is too late because the country badly … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Greece towards interim cabinet, Berlusconi struggles to hold coalition – as usual- ….

Papandreou to step down, interim cabinet to take charge (News) from Berlusconi struggles to hold coalition together (News) from Greeks agree coalition government from BBC News | Europe | World Edition Greek leaders meeting in Athens agree to form a new coalition government, with a fresh prime minister replacing the beleaguered George Papandreou. … Read more

European Union Law blog presents: The 2010 Enlargement Progress Reports in a Nutshell

European Union Law: The 2010 Enlargement Progress Reports in a Nutshell from – Today’s posts The European Commission has presented its annual assessment of the European Union?s enlargement agenda. It comprises a 2010-2011 Strategy paper, the Opinions on the membership applications by Montenegro and Albania and seven Progress Reports on MAIN FOCUS: Berlusconi braves … Read more

Berlusconi; I know, I trust he can make it, he can fix his latest problem:)

And more from Europe

SVP's poster

Zurich allows anti-minaret poster

The Swiss city of Zurich allows a controversial campaign poster showing missile-shaped minarets and a burka-clad woman.

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