Facebook closes yet another Ötekilerin Postası (@OtekilerPostasi) Page, a new one opened…

Facebook continues to have a negative relationship with activist news service Ötekilerin Postası who provides activist news with a radical left and pro-Kurdish perpestive. Today, it announced from its Twitter account its Facebok page was closed again and it listed the not much reasonable reasons to close down its pages or cases of censorship… Because of … Read more

For activists in Turkey, Facebook is on the dark side for sure by arbitrarily banning Ötekilerin Postası (@RadikalAktivist)

Ötekilerin Postası [Others’ Post] platform emerged as a Facebook Page to disseminate news related to Hunger Strikes in Turkey to protest mainstream media. The latter systematically ignored hunger strikes. Eventually, Ötekilerin Postası became a platform of rights journalism which invited citizen journalists to contribute. It had more than a hundred thousand fans before it was … Read more