Gülen vs. Erdoğan…”Gülen Movement denies ‘rift with ruling AKP’ -Politics roundup

Gülen Movement denies ‘rift with ruling AKP’ The Journalists and Writers Foundation, a leading institution of the Gülen community, has denied rumors of a split between the group and the ruling government   The issue of growth in the long election process The growth issue occupies the top of the agenda both around the world … Read more

40 reported dead in Reyhanlı, Hatay car bomb… Speculations abound… A politics roundup…

Report: 40 dead in Turkey car bombings near Syria ANKARA, Turkey (AP) ? Turkey’s interior minister says the death toll in the explosions in a town across the border from Syria is around 40, according to private NTV television. Reyhanlı attack may be linked to peace process, Turkish PM suggests Deadly attacks in Reyhanlı might … Read more

after all, in Kurdish question, signs of going back to 90s… A politics roundup..

Weekly satirical magazine Gırgır’s cover: PM Erdoğan calls back the retired special-operation police forces, which is actually considered… Democratic Opening, Kurdish Opening etc are all gone. Now it is time to re-active the 90s’ special police forces. Turkish Military had demanded them to stop back in the late 90s as police forces would become a … Read more