Anthro roundup: “Anthropological reflections on space colonization”

Anthropological reflections on space colonization The Space Review In this regard, anthropology, as the scientific discipline that puts human beings at the center of its study focus, is of immense importance. Without sufficient knowledge about human behavior and reciprocal physical and cultural interaction with the Museum of Anthropology spotlights Gullah culture Winston-Salem Journal “Visions of … Read more

Anthropology roundup: ” ?neo-Tardian revival? …

Gabriel Tarde: Been there, done that. In the last decade or so (earlier, if you speak French) there has been a ?neo-Tardian revival? as people organize conferences, write books, and otherwise advocate for Gabriel  Tarde, an otherwise-forgotten thinker of France?s Third Republic. Most anthropologists think of Tarde, if they think of him at all, as … Read more