In the mean time, Cyprus peace talks: “all you need to know”

Cyprus peace talks – all you need to know World news: Turkey | by Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor Rival leaders of the Mediterranean island, which has been split since 1974, are meeting in Geneva for a summit The purpose of the Geneva talks is to end the partition of the island between the predominantly Turkish … Read more

Updated: EFD Rights Watch: #AliİsmailKorkmaz Trial in Kayseri continues…

After 15 hours, the judge decided for another hearing (on July, 14) without any new decisions. Despite some brave witness evidence, no policeman accused of torturing Ali İsmail Korkmaz was jailed…     Second hearing into Gezi victim Ali İsmail Korkmaz?s murder begins in exile The 19-year-old was savagely beaten with sticks by plainclothes … Read more

Justice a la Turca: Ergenekon judge admits accepting indictment w/out properly reading; Censorship demand on main opposition lawmaker was ?mistake?

Ergenekon judge says he wouldn?t have accepted indictment if he could properly read it   The chief judge of the Ergenekon coup plot case has admitted that he did not thoroughly read the original indictment, which came to more than 2,500 pages   Ali Ismail Korkmaz Case Suspects Stand Trial   8 suspects stood trial … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Probable justice bastardization: “Turkey charges 255 over mass Gezi Park protests

  Turkey charges 255 over mass Gezi Park protests Turkish prosecutors charge 255 protesters, including seven foreigners, over the mass demonstrations that swept the country in June   Gezi Case Opens in Kayseri 161 defendants stood trial first time in the central province of Kayseri for charges related to attending Gezi Resistance protests.   Government … Read more

Another act of AKP’s social engineering project: Alcohol test for fans before they enter the stadium…

Now watching Turkey‘s Super Cup final between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe in Kayseri. This is a scene right before the game starts… AKP leadership will again defend themselves citing examples from the Western world. However, increasinly anti-Western AKP only chooses examples from the West if they fit their social engineering to transform Turkish society a conservative … Read more