“LA, Istanbul top most-congested cities lists” NYT blog post on Istanbul Biennial… Istanbul news roundup…

An image from the proposed Taksim Square plan…via People Powered | Istanbul Design Biennial New York Times (blog) There are few places more perfect to weigh the value of imperfection than Istanbul. And imperfection is the theme of the Istanbul Design Biennial, Turkey’s first, which is organized by the IstanbulFoundation for Culture and Arts and … Read more

10 female cab drivers for Istanbul…

I have seen one of them myself in Asmalımescit… “Queen butterflies” project aims to jobs as taxi drivers for unemployed women… News in Turkish here. In other news: Istanbul to combat traffic as school starts Hurriyet Daily News Istanbul’s Metropolitan Municipality has announced several new measures to relieve traffic in the city as the start … Read more

More details on Erdoğan’s New Istanbul plan…

It looks like there is yet another expansion on the Anatolian side of Istanbul towards Black Sea… Huge urban developments plans… Details in Turkish here. On Sunday there will be a local festival in again Anatolian side, Kadıköy and Üsküdar, some roads will be closed, so better to stay away from traffic until afternoon… More … Read more

Istanbul news roundup: Istanbul Fashion Week ended…

… and Erkan’s only connection with the Fashion Week was that it took place in santralistanbul, my own campus, and I had to park far away as our usual parking lot was used of IFW. photo via Istanbul Fashion Week ends with flair Hurriyet Daily News Istanbul Fashion Week, held Thursday to Sunday, concluded with … Read more

a santralistanbul review and a usual Istanbul news roundup

Off the radar museum: SantralIstanbul Contrasting Istanbul through Fatih Akın?s films – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review from www.hurriyetdailynews.com Istanbul’s peerless palace Financial Times By Anthony Sattin I had just observed one of the time-honoured traditions of Istanbul, and surrendered to the temptation to buy too much in Istanbul’s Grand Istanbul’s best Turkish restaurants … Read more

A fashion week in the campus

Istanbul Fashion Week happened to be at the campus I work in. Santralistanbul’s large parking lot was turned into a tent town and fashion people showed around in the campus, frequenting our cafes and all. There was a Meg Ryan scandal. She showed up for a moment and then was frustrated with the crowd and she escaped basically. I don’t know who is really guilty there but we could not figure out why so much money spent for a person who is not really in the fashion business and not a hot shot any more. Or is she? I don’t know really.

It was the registration week, that meant one of the busiest periods in our academic year and I had only two ways connecting with this giant organizations. Instead of our usual parking lot, we had to park farther away, which was annoying with all rain and cold air. We swore a lot. There was a low profile clash of logics between university personnel and security people for the fashion organization. Secondly, well, it was beautiful to see around fashionable women. A friend of mine who happens to be in fashion circles sent me an invitation to one of the lingerie shows, but i wasn’t interested in that really.

via Hürriyet. Meg Ryan next to a minister and all.. More photos here.

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