“Pine Cone Anthropology in Afghanistan

The Loaded Goat: Revisiting Pine Cone Anthropology in Afghanistan from OPEN ANTHROPOLOGY by M. Jamil Hanifi The diary of Ted the Tongue reveals more about the poverty of the academic thinking and conduct that provisions the ?Comparative Cultural Competence? (or is it ?Cross-Cultural Competence??) component of the U.S. Army?s Human Terrain System (HTS) than the … Read more

19 July. Deadline for Independent Assessment of Human Terrain System…

2500 Year Old Anatolian Face: A University of Otago team has re-created the face of a 2500-year-old Turkish peasant, its second such project, and hopes its technology will be used in courts in coming years. University of Otago senior lecturer in anatomy and structural biology Dr George Dias, who heads the group, the only one … Read more

Antro roundup: “a Muslim anthropologist studying American society” / new in HTS etc

“Encouraging to see a Muslim anthropologist studying American society”

from antropologi.info – anthropology in the news blog by Lorenz

Days and weeks before the launch of the new book by anthropologist Akbar Ahmed called Journey into America: the Challenge of Islam, it was already reviewed in major Pakistani newspapers. ?Usually it is Western anthropologists who study Muslim societies. It is encouraging to see a Muslim scholar returning the compliment by studying American society”, Maleeha Lodhi writes in The News.

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