Eurosphere agenda: 20 more refugees die today in the Aegean sea…#RefugeeCrisis

20 refugees die in separate disasters on Aegean The bodies of at least 20 refugees who were attempting to cross to Greece have washed up in the Aegean districts of Ayvalık and Dikili after two boats overturned in stormy weather, amid fears that the death toll could rise A 2-year-old boy is the first refugee to drown … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Front National wins regional polls; defeated in key vote…

French far right defeated in key vote BBC News | Europe | World Edition France’s far-right National Front fails to win a single region, despite leading in nearly half in the first round of voting. MAIN FOCUS: Front National wins regional polls | 07/12/2015 euro|topics The far-right Front National won the first round of France’s regional elections … Read more

New economic sanctions on Turkey by Russia as she also halts visa-free regime for Turks from Jan 1…

Putin approves sanctions on Turkey after jet downing Putin signs document that introduces sharp economic sanctions on Turkey, which include banning Turkish employment in the country, according to a statement by the Kremlin press service. Erdogan expresses ‘sadness’ over Russian jet shot down AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Turkey’s president voices “sadness” over downing of Russian jet … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “France prolongs state of emergency..

MAIN FOCUS: France prolongs state of emergency | 20/11/2015 euro|topics The French National Assembly on Thursday voted to prolong the state of emergency in the country for a period of three months. This step allows the authorities to impose curfews and carry out searches without a warrant, among other measures. France has sacrificed its civil rights … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Portugal opposition topples government…”Serbia leading the Way in Europe’s Refugee Crisis

The Little Country Leading the Way in Europe’s Refugee Crisis  Slate Articles by Slobodan Djinovic It’s not often that we Serbs get to be the good guys. Historically, whenever our name is mentioned, it’s usually in relation to accusations of causing World War I or Slobodan Milosevic and the four bloody wars he fomented in the … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Catalonia votes to start Spain secession…”Lufthansa cabin crew strike affects 113,000 passengers…

Tsipras visit may lead to ‘refugee diplomacy’ For the last five years, Greece has been synonymous with a major economic crisis, the first in the eurozone Catalonia votes to start Spain secession BBC News | Europe | World Edition The Spanish region of Catalonia adopts a resolution supporting independence from Spain, but Spain’s PM says his government … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Germany to take 7,200 refugees a day…

Germany to take 7,200 refugees a day After a prolonged period of uncertainty, there are now clear rules and regulations in place. Germany is now ready to take 7,200 refugees a day via five fixed, official crossing points. Cameron to Deliver Strongest Warning of U.K. Exit From EU Newsweek Columnists: Christopher Dickey LONDON (Reuters) – British … Read more

Turkey’s first Kurdish-language search engine ( – “Needs Map’ charts schoolchildren’s needs across Turkey…

Turkey’s first Kurdish-language search engine goes online Turkey’s first search engine in the Kurdish language has gone online after five years of technical work, research and development Needs Map’ charts schoolchildren’s needs across Turkey A map charting the needs of school-aged children across Turkey has been created to bring together those in need and those who wish … Read more

#TurkeyElections – Blackmailing worked. Erdoğan and his party is back- In fact they were never gone…

There is probably some rigging, but in the end this is what citizens want. I felt really bad after witnessing 5 months of violence. Many young and old citizens lost their lives, because June 7 election was not satisfactory for the One. Many gross violations of freedom of expression occurred in the mean time. AKP continued to … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Tech industry association vs. German privacy watchdogs….

Tech industry association bashes German privacy watchdogs The European tech industry is firing back against German data privacy chiefs, who announced this week that they would suspend data transfers to the United States and suggested businesses operating in Europe store data only in EU member states. Migrants grieve and wait on Greek island BBC News | … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “EU votes down net neutrality protection…

EU votes down net neutrality protection  BBC News | Europe | World Edition The European Parliament has voted against a set of rules intended to safeguard “net neutrality” within the EU. The EU Parliament just voted in awful, shortsighted net ‘neutrality’ rules The Next Web by Amanda Connolly The European parliament held a vote today to determine … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Poland conservatives win election….

Poland’s Successful Losers Project Syndicate by Jacek Rostowski How can a government with the best economic record in Europe be humiliated at the polls by a Euroskeptic, nationalistic, and economically illiterate opposition – one deemed unelectable only a year ago? That is the question many Poles, and friends of Poland, are now asking, following the defeat … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Sweden school sword attack… “The end of free movement to and from Europe?…

One dead in Sweden school sword attack  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Swedish police shoot a masked man who killed a teacher and injured at least two students with a sword in the western town of Trollhattan. Many most affected by the EU referendum will have no vote Ideas on Europe by Jon Danzig The end … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “INFOGRAPHIC: Coding at school — How do EU countries compare?

INFOGRAPHIC: Coding at school — How do EU countries compare? SPECIAL REPORT / Digital competences and ICT skills are seen as key for young people to integrate in the job market. Jobseekers will have a harder time finding work without them. Experimenting with citizens’ assemblies in the UK open Democracy News Analysis – by Graham Smith … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: A project from Medium aims to find 243 people disappeared on a ship in the Mediterranean…

243 people disappeared on a ship in the Mediterranean; a new project from Medium aims to find them Nieman Journalism Lab by Laura Hazard Owen The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014 set off a worldwide search for the missing plane. How could a flight carrying 239 people just go missing? The mystery … Read more