Cyberculture roundup: “Top 10 movies on Facebook” etc…

Top 10 movies on Facebook

from Facebook Statistics, Application Statistics, Page Statistics
Check all changes of Top 10 movies on Facebook out in last 6 months!

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Yahoo’s style guide for web content

here is the style guide site here is the news about it: Email? Not ?E-mail?: Yahoo Creates Style Guide for Web Content ************** British Columbia?s Capital City Officially Names June 30 Social Media Day *************** ROUNDUP EXCLUSIVE: First Teaser For ?The Social Network? [VIDEO] from Mashable! by Christina Warren Facebook Unleashes Open Graph Search Engine, … Read more

Istanbul Police to have online surveillance teams

In order to fight with increasing online fraud, Istanbul police is creating Online Security Teams, a news site states….

In other news:

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YouTube vs. Viacom

YouTube: Viacom secretly posted its videos even as they sued us for not taking down Viacom videos

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

In a scorching post on the company’s blog, YouTube Chief Counsel Zahavah Levine accuses Viacom of going to great lengths to secretly upload videos to YouTube in order to take advantage of its promotional value even as they were suing YouTube, arguing that YouTube should be able to tell the difference between Viacom videos that were uploaded by actual infringers as opposed to Viacom employees and agents being paid to pretend to be infringers.

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