“genocide bill” at the French constitutional council.. a Turkish foreign policy roundup..

French constitutional council asked to block ‘genocide’ law from Hurriyet Daily News A group of French senators said Tuesday they had asked the country’s constitutional council to block a new law that bans and punishes denial of the Armenian claims of genocide.   The Perils of Playing Politics With History by By ALAN COWELL In … Read more

anti France imagery after the genocide bill in Turkish twittersphere

homophobic, sexist, revanchist in principle…… http://storify.com/sakaerka/anti-france-imagery-after-the-genocide-bill-in-tur  

Turkey vs. France. They don’t look like allies anymore after the genocide bill as Turkey takes this as a feud…

Turkish rage at ?Yes? from French Senate from Hurriyet Daily News French senators debate a bill yesterday to outlaw denial of the Armenian genocide, despite a furious Turkey vowing to punish Paris with ?permanent? sanctions if it is passed into law. US next in line from Hurriyet Daily News It is not hard to tell … Read more

Erdoğan’s “one minute” to France today not domestically effective

nearly 40 thousand Turkey demonstrated against the genocide bill in Paris on Saturday. more photos here.  check out Turkish tweets that make fun of Erdoğan’s “one minute” act against France… http://storify.com/sakaerka/daha-da-fransa-pek-tutmad   Over Turkey Protests, France to Vote on Genocide Denial Bill by By STEVEN ERLANGER and SOPHIE COHEN Although the draft law does not … Read more

Eutalsat suspends Roj TV; French Senate commission finds genocide bill ?unacceptable?…A foreign policy roundup

Eutalsat suspends the Kurdish television network Roj TV from On Turkish Media and Cultural Politics by ecealgan After Danish court found Roj TV guilty of promoting terrorism on Jan 10, 2012, Eutalsat decided to suspend Kurdish transnational broadcasting station Roj TV?s transmission today. Even though this is a smart move for Eutalsat, which is one … Read more

but of course, it is not the Turkish Judiciary to demand what you want… ROJ TV to continue to air.. and French Senate set to vote on genocide bill on Jan 23

Kurdish Roj TV Received Fine but Remains on Air A Danish court rejected the request to close down the Kurdish Roj TV channel and ruled for a monetary fine of DKK 65,000. The satellite channel was alleged of having connections with the PKK. Roj TV to continue broadcasting, Danish court rules A Copenhagen court sentenced … Read more

on Jan.10 French Senate to vote on Armenian genocide bill… while Algerians oppose Turkey’s use of Algerian massacres against France…

French Senate to vote on genocide from BBC News | Europe | World Edition The French Senate is to vote this month on a bill making it illegal to deny that the mass killing of Armenians was genocide, reports say.   France sets date to vote ?genocide? bill from Hurriyet Daily News Presidential Board of … Read more

still end of the year posts: Turkish foreign policy in 2011. fewer problems with neighbors, and fewer friends…

looks like Turkey’s best friends are in middle east while there are fewer friends in the rest of the world…  Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) and Hamas’ Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh pose before a meeting in Istanbul January 1, 2012. REUTERS/Kayhan Ozer/Prime Minister’s Press Office/Handout The Associated Press: Gaza’s Hamas premier visits Turkey … Read more

armenian genocide bill- two hypocratical countries clash over…

Turkey: The land of ‘zero problems’ has an awful lot of problems from FP Passport by Joshua Keating Turkey, today, took the dramatic step of cutting off diplomatic ties with France over a new law passed by the French government that would criminalize genocide denial, including the 1915 slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks. Yigal … Read more