Cyberculture roundup: Why Tor matters…”78% of Twitter’s Users Are Outside the U.S….

  What is Tor and why does it matter? We all live in public, at least as far as the US National Security Agency is concerned. As Internet users and global citizens become more aware of surveillance activities that the US and other countries are doing on the World Wide Web, there are those who seek to … Read more

US gov shutdown roundup… “The Anthropologist?s Guide to the Government Shutdown…

US shutdown: a radical Republican triumph Repeated gerrymandering means most Republicans represent safe seats and their main political rivals come from within their own party Is the government shut down? Quartz will tell you (and drive a little traffic in the process) The shutdown of the federal government will be unfortunate for a lot of … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: John Cusack hangs around with EFF people… PEW: Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online

Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online 86% of online adults have taken steps to avoid surveillance by other people or organizations when using the internet. Despite precautions, 21% have had an email or social media account hijacked and 11% have had vital information stolen. John Cusack in hacker-land How I spent the weekend: I flew to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and … Read more