#Europe agenda: “UK triggers Article 50: Here’s what happened…

UK triggers Article 50: Here’s what happened  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Formal proceedings to divorce the UK from the EU have begun. Moving determinedly towards the door: the UK’s Article 50 notification letter Ideas on Europe by PoliticsatSurrey Today’s an important one in the Brexit saga. With the submission of formal notification to begin … Read more

#Europe Agenda: Munich Security Conference….

The Slavery Next Door: In Conversation with Amy Romer The British photographer documenting sites of abuse, coercion and modern day slavery in towns and cities throughout Britain ************** Munich Security Conference: Start of a post-Western era? EurActiv.com by Daniel Mützel The Western world order as we know it is at risk, according to the annual Munich Security … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “‘Luxleaks’ whistleblowers convicted

‘Luxleaks’ whistleblowers convicted BBC News | Europe | World Edition Two whistleblowers in “Luxleaks” tax scandal get suspended jail terms as journalist on trial is acquitted Brexit’s long shadow falls on French presidential campaign  EurActiv.com by Cécile Barbière The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU has catapulted the question of EU membership to the forefront of … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “post-Brexit vote racist incidents, in one depressing Facebook album…

All the post-Brexit vote racist incidents, in one depressing Facebook album Mashable! by Gianluca Mezzofiore LONDON — A wave of reported racist incidents targeting European migrants across the country has followed the Brexit vote. Brexit has exposed Juncker’s democratic unaccountability EurActiv.com by James Crisp The fallout from Brexit would have claimed the scalp of any other politician, … Read more