I do not believe Spano’s visit will fix any judiciary issues in Turkey

Appeasement does not work… ECHR head criticised for visiting Turkey, meeting Erdoğan | Ahval Human Rights Association addresses an open letter to ECtHR President Spano Bianet :: English The İHD has penned an open letter to ECtHR President Spano: “In order for your visit to Turkey to genuinely be beneficial, your lending an ear to civil … Read more

If that’s true, @ECHR_CEDH leadership is dangerously becoming corrupt…

Mehmet Altan addresses an open letter to ECtHR President Bianet :: English Ahead of his visit to Turkey, Altan has penned an open letter to ECtHR President Spano, who is expected to be given an honorary doctorate: “Those who will give you an honorary doctorate are the very people who dismissed me and many other academics.”

Turks ready! Germany suffers worker shortage… Google EU settlement.. a Eurosphere roundup..

Germany suffering worker shortage from FT.com – World, Europe For Ursula von der Leyen, solving that dilemma will require fundamental reforms in the heart of the eurozone, and its periphery   The Google EU settlement: Full details from Brussels Blog by Alex Barker Google?s three year tussle with Brussels over its search business is almost … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Portugal and Slovenia are the prime candidates for the next in the eurozone crisis…

Who?s next in line in the eurozone crisis? Portugal and Slovenia are the prime candidates by Open Europe blog team In anticipation of tomorrow’s eurozone finance ministers meeting (which will discuss finalising the Cypriot bailout and potentially extending the bailout loans given to Portugal and Ireland) Open Europe has published a new briefing looking at … Read more

Ankara hopeful with Hollande but will Hollande be all right with Turkish leaders’ aggressive attitude?

Sarko No More from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M Mavi Boncuk | EU Watch on Sarkozy Loss… Election Hollande: Ankara espère améliorer ses relations avec Paris by Acturca Agence France Presse Lundi 7 mai 2012, Istanbul Ankara espère améliorer ses relations avec Paris avec le départ du pouvoir de Nicolas Sarkozy, figure impopulaire en Turquie et … Read more

Hrant Dink trial once again puts judiciary process in Turkey under fire.. A roundup…

Turkey seeks to streamline judicial process from FT.com – World, Europe Ankara has unveiled a package of almost 100 reforms to the lumbering judicial system, which is under the international spotlight Judiciary in Turkey under European fire from Hurriyet Daily News The Council of Europe?s Thomas Hammarberg implores Turkey to fix its ill functioning justice … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Financial markets now trust Italy and Spain; Euro fiscal pact; Danish Presidency news…

EU to slam Hungary for constitution from Hurriyet Daily News The EU executive will demand Hungary row back on controversial changes to its constitution or face possible legal action in warnings to be delivered next week, a European Union source said yesterday.   MAIN FOCUS: Financial markets trust Italy and Spain | 13/01/2012 from euro|topics … Read more