Net Neutrality debates continue; A Guide to the Open Internet, DDoS versus human rights organizations etc- a roundup

A Guide to the Open Internet: What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality from Daily Bits by noemi You?ve probably been reading/hearing about net neutrality in the recent months. Left and right, people are talking about it ? either trying to push for the concept or trying to take it down. What is net … Read more

EFF provides the 2nd volume of E-Book Buyer’s Guide to Privacy v2

EFF’s E-Book Buyer’s Guide to Privacy v2 Can they keep track of book searches? Google Books Yes Logs all search data with IP address. Will also associate searches with user’s Google Account if logged in. Will not associate searches with users account if not logged in. Amazon Kindle Yes Logs data on products viewed and/or … Read more

Introducing Turkish Cybersphere (7)- Ideefixe in e-book business, İsmail YK’s Facebook video and more…

İsmail YK’s video: Facebook. An art of kitsch work. Tick Tock Boom Digital PR Agency presents this social media landscape that includes many Turkish sites… One of my former students and my Beşiktaş buddies Yiğit Kalafatoğlu is involved in two web projects: Emeğini Koru [Save your labor] focuses on rights issues and inserting e-signatures to … Read more

Italy vs. Google Does Italy?s Google Conviction Portend More Censorship?

from CyberLaw Blog

Google Hit With Antitrust Investigation in Europe

from Mashable! by Adam Ostrow

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“Teens Love Facebook, Hate Blogging, Are Always Online, and Don’t Use Twitter

Pew Survey: Teens Love Facebook, Hate Blogging, Are Always Online, and Don’t Use Twitter

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Global Voices introduces Threatened Voices

found at Toilet-as-computer

Introducing Threatened Voices

from Global Voices Online by Sami Ben Gharbia


Never before have so many people been threatened or imprisoned for what the words they write on the internet.

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