Eurosphere agenda: “Europe ‘cannot take any more refugees’

Europe ‘cannot take any more refugees’  BBC News | Europe | World Edition European countries cannot accept any more refugees, the France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls is quoted as saying in German media. MAIN FOCUS: Europe in the grips of fear | 24/11/2015  euro|topics In view of the tougher security measures in Europe after the Paris terror … Read more

Nice piece: Encrypting Ethnography: Digital Security for Researchers- Anthropology roundup…

Encrypting Ethnography: Digital Security for Researchers Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology (This invited post comes to us from Jonatan Kurzwelly. Jonatan is a a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at the University of St. Andrews. You can email him . his PGP fingerprint is: 1B4B 89B4 DD31 B05E 949A E181 B51C CA99 2FD6 6382 -Rex) Imagine … Read more