Cyberculture agenda: Story of how Naoki Hiroshima lost his Twitter handle, @N

Social Engineering Always Wins: An Epic Hack, Revisited   Naoki Hiroshima’s gripping account of how he was forced to give up his single character Twitter handle, @N, to an attacker re-exposes a fundamentally unaddressed issue of how easily companies’ customer support systems can be tricked into handing out password resets. PayPal denies providing payment information … Read more

from Global Guerrillas: “Cell Phone Coordination of Open Source Protests” and Cyberculture roundup

JOURNAL: Cell Phone Coordination of Open Source Protests from Global Guerrillas by John Robb Here’s a cool little phone app called Sukey to help people navigate during a protest/riot.  Very useful in avoiding kettling (a slang term for police crowd containment).  Check out the tutorial. What Is Data Privacy Day? [INFOGRAPHIC] from Mashable! by Sarah … Read more