Journalists one of the most targeted in Egypt… an Egypt roundup…

‘We’ve Never Seen in Egypt’s History This Many Attacks Against Journalists’ Two journalists have now been confirmed killed in clashes that erupted last night as the Egyptian military began clearing sit-ins by supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsy.Mick Deane, a 15-year veteran cameraman for Sky News, and Habiba Abd El Aziz, a 26-year-old Emirati journalist … Read more

Massacre in Cairo… an Egypt roundup…

Massacre in Cairo CAIRO — Egypt is specializing in worst-case scenarios these days. In the early morning hours of Monday, the Egyptian military opened fire on pro-Morsy demonstrators at the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo, where the protesters had gathered to call for the release of the deposed president. At this point, the Egyptian Health Ministry … Read more

After the coup. A roundup on #Egypt

  Without politics, protest is at the mercy of the elites The Guardian (UK) Wednesday, July 3, 2013, p. 29 Seumas Milne From Egypt to Brazil street action is driving change ? but organisation is essential if it is not to be hijacked or disarmed. Two years after the Arab uprisings fuelled a wave of … Read more

William Armstrong on “AKP & Fethullah Gülen alliance”, Presidential system debates, New constitution writing…

New constitution formula takes shape from Hurriyet Daily News Parliament?s Constitutional Reconciliation Commission started writing the new constitution beginning with the section on ?fundamental rights and freedoms.? Charter team draws first border from Hurriyet Daily News Turkey?s Constitution Conciliation Committee agrees on 45 titles under the Fundamental Freedoms and Rights chapter, while failing to reach … Read more

Turkish politics roundup: 1980 junta on trial; 4+4+4 education system; and more..

Three Decades After the Coup: Turkey Puts Generals on Trial from Yahoo news I grew up in the long, dark, soul-numbing shadow of Turkey’s 1980 military coup. Although just a child, I recall tanks, manned by young gun-toting soldiers, ominously patrolling our street, months of curfew, my parents’ hushed and anguished late-night conversations over my … Read more

Nigâr Hacızade’s Storify piece: #12EylülYargılanıyor/September 12 on Trial

  [View the story “#12EylülYargılanıyor/September 12 on Trial” on Storify]

As Yavuz Baydar states, “Jailing generals does not end tutelage….

Turkey Arrests Ex-Chief of Military, Gen. Ilker Basbug from NYT > Turkey by By SEBNEM ARSU Gen. Ilker Basbug faces charges in a long-running case involving accusations of a plot to overthrow Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan?s pro-Islamic government.Q&A: Turkey’s military and the alleged coup plots BBC News The BBC’s Bridget Kendall examines the issues … Read more

for the record, it was the 50th anniversary of Adnan Menderes’ death at the hands of junta…..

A fact, that is not forgotten by large sectors of society…   Adnan Menderes (Turkish: [ad?nan mende??es]; 1899?1961) was the first democratically elected Turkish Prime Minister between 1950?1960. He was one of the founders of the Democratic Party (DP) in 1946, the fourth legal opposition party of Turkey. He was hanged by the military junta after the 1960 coup d’état, along with two other cabinet members, Fatin Rüştü … Read more

Oda TV raided by police. Ergenekon trial moves onto journalistic/civil links

However it gets complicated. If there isn’t hard evidence,  and there is a growing anxiety over the evidence issue, then it is impossible to support this raid. This is despite the fact that I have no sympathy for Soner Yalçın and his gang at Oda.TV, an influential website with idiosyncratic left leanings, anti-AKP and pro-Ergenekon … Read more

Announcement: A Panel on Coup D’Etats in Turkey

24 December. santralistanbul. E1-301 14:00-16:30

BEYANA ÇAPEMENIYÊ. Against the start of Sledgehammer Case, the Military intervenes with an anti-Kurdish statement

Chief of Staff’s statement against Kurdish usage has been translated to Kurdish (!) ROJ     : 17 Befranbar 2010 SEET    : 15:05 NO       : BA – 03 / 10 1. Komara Tirkiyê ku ji neteweya tirk re diyariya Ataturkê Rêberê Mezin e; hêza xwe ji serweriya gel digre û bingeha … Read more

Sadly, I watch the Battle of Chile

I could find a poor copy of this spectacular documentary on the Pinochet’s coup in Chile: The Battle of Chile The first volume is the story of how intolerant oppositions paves the way for the coup against democractically elected President Allende.. The first volume also reminded me what happened in the last five years of … Read more

A BBC piece on “Bringing Turkey’s coup leaders to book

Bringing Turkey’s coup leaders to book Jonathan Head By Jonathan Head BBC News, Istanbul Troops seal off main road in Ankara (15 Sept 1980) Hundreds of thousands of people were detained after the coup and many were tortured For 30 years, the officers who led the last military takeover in Turkey have lived secure in … Read more

28 February Coup heritage is dead, plotters are in jail but not all

As a symbolic act, Çetin Doğan, one of the military leaders of 28 February coup was jailed just before the anniversary of the event. All civilian political leaders that became part of the post-coup coalition are gone except Devlet Bahçeli. All these happened in 13 years and this is a lesson for all, even for the then victims of the coup who became the governing bodies of Turkey, if you know I mean…

A scene of anti-coup protest in the anniversary of 28 February coup.

For more protest photos see the Islamist Haksöz website here.

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A roundup of aftermath of biggest raid against Ergenekon

Power shift from BBC News | Europe | World Edition Turkish army coming under increasing pressure Largest Ergenekon probe touches all untouchables Today’s Zaman İbrahim Fırtına, who was interrogated earlier in January by prosecutors conducting the investigation into Ergenekon, was detained yesterday in addition to Turkish soldiers stand at the entrance of the War Academy … Read more