CNN on Intel’s cultural anthropologist

Intel’s cultural anthropologist CNN By Michael V. Copeland FORTUNE — About 40 Ph.D. studentsin computer science, potential recruits for chip-giant Intel, have just finished listening to a lecture on the intricacies of circuit design and processor architecture at one of the company’s R&D centers just outside Portland, Ore. The conversation is complex, detailed, and very … Read more asks “The return of colonial anthropology?/ anthro roundup

The return of colonial anthropology?

from – anthropology in the news blog by Lorenz

?A dysfunctional ethnic and tribal brawl has been the norm in Afghanistan for centuries. Afghanistan is a mess. ? Who said that? A frustrated U.S. military officer? No, a professor of anthropology, Robert L. Moore.

In his article Tribes, Corruption Ail Afghanistan in The Ledger he shares his concerns about the difficulties for ?us? (=the U.S. military) to ?push this contentious country into the 21st century? and turn it into a ?normal, stable country? that will be ?governable in the way that most nations are”.

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