Americana roundup: Interactive: US interventions post-Cold War…FBI?s Files on Hemingway, Einstein, Marilyn & Other Icons…

Interactive: US interventions post-Cold War The proposed US military strike on Syria would be the latest in a long list of overseas intrusions. FBI?s ?Vault? Web Site Reveals Declassified Files on Hemingway, Einstein, Marilyn & Other Icons Yesterday we featured pages from Charles Bukowski?s FBI file and, along the way, mentioned William T. Vollman?s. But … Read more

Literati roundup: Charles Bukowski?s FBI File…Isaac Asimov?s 1964 Predictions..The performative origins of animation

Read 113 Pages of Charles Bukowski?s FBI File From 1968 Click image for a larger version   Downgrading Elite Colleges Prestigious liberal arts colleges are facing financial pressures, according to recent credit ratings. Isaac Asimov?s 1964 Predictions About What the World Will Look 50 Years Later ? in 2014When New York City hosted The World?s … Read more