Let there be no doubt despite Erdoğan’s distractions before the #TurkeyElections: “ISIL behind Oct 10 Ankara Massacre, says prosecutor’s office

Chief Prosecution says ISIS Responsible for Ankara Massacre  Bianet :: English Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has declared Ankara bombing was executed by Antep-based cell that received order from ISIS in Syria, and plans other acts. ISIL behind Oct 10 Ankara Massacre, says prosecutor’s office An Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) sleeper cell based … Read more

Demirtaş in CNN: “Turkish government complicit in Ankara blast

  Turkish government complicit in Ankara blast, Demirtaş tells CNN Turkish government is complicit in the Ankara blast for turning a blind eye to ISIL and failing to put appropriate security in place, HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş told CNN International Stories of Those Who Lost Their Lives in Ankara  Bianet :: English We share the stories that … Read more

As Turkish gov’s full frontal attack on media freedom continues, “British lawyers warn of human rights violations in Turkey…

British lawyers warn of human rights violations in Turkey World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Owen Bowcott Report alleges serious setback for democracy as 40,000 removed from jobs and police and media figures imprisoned Turkey’s government is inflicting “systematic human rights violations” on its judiciary, police and media, according to a scathing report by senior British … Read more

Another trace of Turkey’s pretensions in Europe gone: “Spain to suspend ‘Alliance of Civilizations’ activity

Spain to suspend ‘Alliance of Civilizations’ activity: Report Spain will reportedly suspend its activities in the ‘Alliance of Civilizations,’ jointly launched by Turkey and Spain in 2005 Spanish ambassador refutes reports that Spain suspended ‘Alliance of Civilizations’ activities Spain’s ambassador to Turkey has refuted media reports suggesting that his country has suspended its activities in the “Alliance … Read more

Egypt and Cyprus vs. Turkey while ‘Turkey may suspend customs deal with EU’

  ‘Turkey may suspend customs deal with EU’ Turkey may freeze its customs union deal with the EU if the planned trade deal between the US and EU does not cover all Customs Union members, including Turkey, says the European Union Minister With Egyptian President on his side, Greek Cypriot leader accuses Turkey Greek Cypriot President Nicos … Read more

*smile* “Istanbul mayor to ask residents about all future projects” #OccupyGezi #OccupyTurkey

Istanbul mayor to ask residents about all future projects The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will ask the public about every major project in the city Occupy Gezi, beyond the religious-secular cleavage The protests in Turkey started on May 27 with a modest resistance movement against the destruction of Istanbul?s Gezi Park and the planned construction, in its place, … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Silah bırakmanın yolu güven, güvenin yolu siyaset

 Silah bırakmanın yolu güven, güvenin yolu siyaset Başbakan?ın, Silvan katliamı sonrasında verdiği sert mesajların en endişe vericisi BDP ile artık masaya oturulmayacağı vurgusuydu. Bu konuda söyleyecek fazla bir söz yok.   Hükümetin çatışma çözümü konusunda nasıl dünyadan kopuk bir konumda olduğunun yeni bir kanıtı. Tutuklu BDP?liler sorununu ciddiye almayan Başbakan 13 Haziran?dan beri siyaseti devreden düşürüyor. … Read more

Erdoğan switches to nationalist mood again

This is from last week. PM Erdoğan could make to the covers of four most best selling weekly satire magazines after his attack on columnists…

The last time he was continuously reacting in a nationalist tone I remember was the pre-municipality elections period. That costed him dearly. He could not persuade nationalist Turks and he lost non-nationalist Turks and Kurds of all sorts…

Now he is back into his nationalist tone. He supports the policies of Union and Progress Party of late Ottoman period which is the prime suspect of Armenian massacres. Well done. He attacked a columnist Cengiz Çandar, who criticized him in these terms. What may be the only good point is that policy elites care for what columnists state. They would not care at all. But they care and want to shape their ideas. In the mean time, in a totally different angle I am also angry with Mr. Çandar because he had ditched me once. After he scheduled an interview for my dissertation research, he did not answer back my calls:)

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