as if hostages, detained May Day activists are still not released…

Mighty Turkish State with mighty “Palaces of Justice” cannot find prosecutors to process the detainees situations. Lawyers and media personnel are waiting activists to be released… Michelle Demishevich ?@demishevich #1MayısGözaltılarıSerbestBırakılsın eylemini takipteyiz #press #media #pressfreedom #CaglayanAdliyesi Çağlayan Adliyesi önü. (11.00) 1 mayıs gözaltıları için bekleniyor.  

The 16th Day in #OccupyTurkey. Nearly 5000 lawyers protest yesteday’s lawyer arrests… A roundup.. #DirenGeziSeninleyiz

Last night was one of the worst nights. Erdoğan’s police forces brutally attacked crowds in Taksim Square. However, there are still citizens in the Gezi Park who refuse to leave. In the mean time, the government seems to be increasing psychological warfare over civic resistance….     Turkey?s ?occupied? Taksim starts calm new day Istanbul?s … Read more

Video of How Lawyers arrested by police… #OccupyTurkey

  Many injured as police enter Taksim Square to ‘clear banners’ Riot police entered Taksim Square, where Gezi Park protests are continuing, around 7.30 a.m Protesters? platform calls for meeting at Gezi this evening The Taksim Solidarity Platform, an initiative organized to prevent a development project in Istanbul?s Taksim Gezi Park BDP and Turkish flags together: Anyone Remember … Read more