Journalism agenda: A journalist, Svetlana Alexievich wins Nobel… Twitter and Reddit moves more into journalistic production…

Nobel Prize in literature goes to journalist from Belarus Svetlana Alexievich, a Belarussian journalist and dissident writer, won the Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday (8 October) “for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time”, the Swedish Academy announced.   How the Crowd and Automation Are Shaping Journalism Social Media Today by … Read more

Journalism roundup: “The Cost of Being Late on Social Media…”News industry turning mobile…

Facebook Media Venture to Include NBC, BuzzFeed and New York Times – Vindu Goel – May 13 – MENLO PARK, Calif. — Facebook ‘s long-rumored plan to directly host articles from news organizations will start onWednesday, concluding months of delicate negotiations between the Internet giant and publishers that covet its huge audience The Cost of … Read more

Journalism roundup: “How to be literate in what’s changing journalism..Russia’s new global news agency: Sputnik

How to be literate in what’s changing journalism Pressthink – Follow JR – Nov 9 – For each, they should understand: What it means, why it’s important, and where things are going with it. I’ve added a link or two to help get you started. And I’m happy to receive your comments about what’s missing … Read more

Journalism roundup: “Five ways to protect journalists and their anonymous sources….

Five ways to protect journalists and their anonymous sources Washington Post (blog) In a speech Thursday at National Defense University, President Obama discussed the Justice Department’s prosecution of leakers, emphasizing the need to ?strike the right balance between our security and our open society.? Many observers believe that   Scott Lewis: Learning from social platforms … Read more