Video: #FreeZone9bloggers

The Zone9 bloggers are in jail because of their writings and efforts to better inform the public about policy issues and their constitutional rights. Ethiopian authorities have promoted a narrative about the Zone9 bloggers suggesting that these activities, and the bloggers’ efforts to learn about digital security, are criminal. Blogging is not a crime. Learning … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: CISPA, again- Microsoft on government requests for user data the world around…

Full disclosure: Microsoft releases and breaks down government requests for user data the world around from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm   EFF Joins Coalition Urging White House to Veto CISPA from Updates by Adi Kamdar and Adi Kamdar Thirty-seven digital rights groups and businesses have come together this week to urge the … Read more

müzik blogger’larıyla @sosyalkafa söyleşisine devam… bu sefer @desfigures ve @vehbigorgulu ile blogunun yazarı Anıl Sayan… Vehbi Görgülü de bizimleydi: XOXO 

EFF states that Bloggers under fire all over the world…Western technology companies helping torturing dictators… A cyberculture roundup

EFF Unveils New Project: Bloggers Under Fire from Updates by jillian 2011 was by many accounts ?the year of the protester.?  From Tunisia to Oakland, activists took to the streets?and to social networks?to express themselves and their grievances.  But while many were successful in using online tools in their activism, others faced grave consequences. … Read more

an interactive map of Arab Spring; SOPA: Hollywood vs. Internet; US gov’t pressure over Google on user data….

SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet from Updates by corynne As promised, here?s the first installment of our closer review of the massive piece of job-killing Internet regulation that is the Stop Online Piracy Act. We?ll start with how it could impact Twitter, Tumblr, and the next innovative social network, … Read more

TorrentFreak’s piece on VPN services and how treat anonymity…and a cyberculture roundup…

Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? from TorrentFreak by enigmax As detailed in yesterday?s article, if a VPN provider carries logs of their users? activities the chances of them not being able to live up to their claim of offering an anonymous service begins to decrease rapidly. There are dozens of VPN providers, many … Read more

“EFF’s Guide to Protecting Electronic Devices and Data at the U.S. Border

EFF’s Guide to Protecting Electronic Devices and Data at the U.S. Border from Updates by marcia Amid recent reports that security researchers have experienced difficulties at the United States border after traveling abroad, we realized that it’s been awhile since we last discussed how to safeguard electronic devices and digital information during border searches. … Read more

Emin Milli, Kareem Amer, two bloggers released; Sweden’s chief prosecutor still after Julian Assange

Azerbaijan: Emin Milli released, but another activist detained from Global Voices Online by Onnik Krikorian By Onnik Krikorian Following yesterday’s news that video blogging youth activist Adnan Hajizade had been conditionally released in Azerbaijan, Facebook was today awash with news that his friend and fellow activist, Emin Milli, had also been freed. Amnesty International had … Read more

Direct British attack to digital freedom…

Draconian UK Digital Economy Bill passes: huge blow for digital privacy, security, freedom

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

The Digital Economy bill, known on Twitter as #debill, passed today. The short version is that this thing makes the DMCA look like a warmup act. Cory’s traveling, but you can expect his thoughts here soon. For now, Mike Butcher sums up the danger eloquently:

Correcting the ignorant UK Members of Parliament who “debated” the Digital Economy Bill

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

Stef sez, “As we all know, the UK Digital Economy Bill passed last night. Watching the debates, one of the things that shocked me was the repeated displays of ignorance of the technical and copyright issues by MPs on all sides. The Second, and Third readings are now online at I thought it might be good to use the annotations features to correct some of the more glaring and bizarre howlers. The annotated debates will stand as a record of this sad democratic failure. Remember to keep it polite and technical – MPs are professionally inured to plain abuse – We, the internet, clearly have a job of education to do.”

A guide to the recently passed Digital Economy Bill

from open Democracy News Analysis

The Digital Economy Bill survived the wash up with Tory support and has now been passed. The low turnout at the second reading (6 April; the day the election date was set) and consideration of amendments (7 April) has received heavy criticism. Below is a selection of coverage of and responses to the passing of the Bill, enjoy!

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Istanbul Police to have online surveillance teams

In order to fight with increasing online fraud, Istanbul police is creating Online Security Teams, a news site states….

In other news:

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