Farewell to Atatürk Airport. “‘Great Move’ begins to relocate Istanbul Airport…

Such a waste… A well functioning airport is closed… ‘Great Move’ begins to relocate Istanbul Airport Washington Post ISTANBUL — Turkey’s main international airport in Istanbul is closing and moving to a new base in a massive logistical operation. The relocation of … ‘Great Move’ begins to relocate Istanbul Airport – Fox Business Turkish Airlines’ ‘great move’ from Istanbul Atatürk Airport begins Hurriyet Daily News Turkish … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: 13 Inmates Killed in Turkish Prison Fire

Turkey charges Kurd over lemon from BBC News | Europe | World Edition A Kurdish man who is deaf and unable to speak may be jailed for 25 years in Turkey for supporting terrorism, with a half-lemon cited as evidence.   13 Inmates Killed in Turkish Prison Fire by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A fire … Read more