MACKLEMORE is the new RATM (Rage Against the Machine): Check out his final single: HIND’S HALL

The video is age-restricted and only available on YouTube. I could not embed it here. Here is the video to watch I have seen it trending on TikTok and a restricted form can be found at Youtube. [Intro] Woo Yeah [Verse 1] The people, they won’t leave What is threatenin’ about divesting and wantin’ peace? The … Read more

Wikipedia entries on “April 2024 Israel–Hamas war protests on university campuses in the United States”

April 2024 Israel–Hamas war protests on university campuses in the United States Pro-Palestinian protests on university campuses escalated on April 17, 2024, spreading to other universities in the United States and other countries, as a part of wider Israel–Hamas war protests. The escalation began after mass arrests at the Columbia University campus occupation, led by anti-Zionist groups, in which protesters … Read more

A video: “How YouTube Won the Streaming Wars”

Summarized by merlin app: 00:01 YouTube has seen the steepest increase in view time over the past year. 01:13 Hollywood worried about Silicon Valley’s threat as digital companies like Netflix entered the market. 02:29 Streaming services are facing financial challenges due to increased borrowing costs and stagnant subscriber growth. 03:40 $160 billion – Apple’s borrowing … Read more

My piece on TikTok Ban: “Possible US ban on TikTok could deal a major blow to the fight for internet freedom

This piece was originally published in Turkish. It was translated with DeepL to English. Possible US ban on TikTok could deal a major blow to the fight for internet freedom. The possibility of TikTok being banned in the US has been on the agenda for a while. Prof. Erkan Saka from Bilgi University Faculty of … Read more

The Governor shuts down half of Istanbul so that citizens cannot celebrate the May Day

MLSA’s Twitter account documents the rights violations towards journalists and other activists. Historic Unkapanı towards Taksim Square is blocked by police. An iconic image of shame for Turkiye’s leaders. Photo by Umut Taştan   İstanbul’da 1 Mayıs!. — hilmi hacaloğlu (@hilmihacaloglu) May 1, 2024  

A video: What Happened To Panasonic?

Summarized by MerlinApp: 00:02 Panasonic’s decline is due to neglecting their roots. 02:23 Panasonic’s fall from grace due to failure to adapt 04:47 Konosuke’s journey from poverty to success in the electrical business. 06:52 Konosuke’s dedication to experimentation led to Panasonic’s growth 08:59 Konosuke revolutionized marketing and restructuring at Panasonic 11:05 Panasonic faced challenges post-war … Read more

Wikipedia entry on “April 2024 Israel–Hamas war protests on university campuses in the United States”

The April 2024 Israel–Hamas war protests on university campuses are a series of demonstrations and protests that began at Columbia University in New York City on April 17, 2024. The protests began in response to a pro-Palestinian campus occupation at Columbia. Authorized by university president Minouche Shafik, the New York City Police Department entered the encampment established by students and conducted mass arrests. Protesters at Columbia … Read more

Our COST meeting in Istanbul

  This week has been overwhelmingly busy. A few days ago, we met in Istanbul for the Istanbul session for our GRADE COST project. My colleague Ivo Furman did a fantastic job of organizing the event in a lovely place in Istanbul (check out the place, Postane). I also participated in organizing a Wikipedia session … Read more

Unrest in US Campuses. A list of recent issues on American campuses related to pro-Palestinian causes

Recent issues on American campuses related to pro-Palestinian causes include (The list was created with the help of Perplexity):   Suppression of pro-Palestinian voices: There has been a surge in reports of pro-Palestinian activists being fired or facing threats for expressing their views, which has been described as the “Palestine exception to free speech”[2]. Legal … Read more

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Türkiye, serves Döner to the guests

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who arrived in Istanbul, cut doner doner and served it to the guests at the summer residence of the German Embassy in Tarabya 🍴 İstanbul'a gelen Almanya Cumhurbaşkanı Frank Walter Steinmeier, Alman Büyükelçiliğine ait yazlık Tarabya rezidansında döner kesti, davetlilere ikram etti — T24 (@t24comtr) April 22, 2024 German president … Read more

A video: “Ads Are Ruining Everything”

Summarized by Merlinapp: 00:02 YouTube and other free services are increasing the number of ads and taking away user control. 01:45 The tech industry’s obsession with freemium and why it may be coming to an end. 03:41 Users are indirectly paying for Microsoft software while with new age companies like YouTube, the end users don’t … Read more

The Clash Over Pro-Palestine Events in Germany. Nancy Fraser is the latest instance…

Prof. Fraser‘s case was really disappointing… Cologne University has canceled philosopher Nancy Fraser’s planned professorship after learning she signed a pro-Palestine letter. In her first interview after the cancellation, Fraser says she won't let Germany stop her from standing up for Palestine. — Jacobin (@jacobin) April 10, 2024 Germany has been under pressure to … Read more

A video: “Microsoft Gave Up On Social Media. But They’re The Real Winners”

Sumamrized by Merlin app. 00:02 LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform in the world. 01:48 Microsoft got more value from LinkedIn than Facebook did from WhatsApp 03:36 LinkedIn’s steady growth and unique demographics set it apart in the social media landscape. 05:16 LinkedIn’s userbase is older and more successful compared to other platforms. … Read more

Watching a war over Twitter?

For two nights now, many of us have been following the developments between Israel and Iran. If it really happens, this may be named the Twitter war. Once, we were following CNN live during the first Gulf War. Now, it’s Twitter time. The current tension between Israel and Iran is centered around recent events, specifically … Read more

Turkish government admits growing trade relations with Israel while weeping crocodile tears for Gaza

Pro-government trolls were vehemently denying trade or at least trying to justify it. After a particular instance of police brutality on pro-Palestine demonstrators who demanded an end to trade with Israel, public outcry may have led to partial restrictions on trade. Turkey imposes export restrictions on Israel amid Gaza conflict One Twitter user has been … Read more