A newspaper targeted lecturers in… oh NOT in Türkiye but in GERMANY!

The German newspaper Bild, published by the media conglomerate Axel Springer SE, has been known to target pro-Palestinian academics. The newspaper has been criticized for its vilification of Palestinian civilians and its biased coverage of pro-Palestine protests, often using derogatory language and promoting anti-Palestinian sentiments[1][2].

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European Environment Agency warns of urgent climate risks in Europe — The Guardian
The European Environment Agency (EEA) warns that Europe is unprepared for increasing climate risks. The EEA’s report identifies 36 significant climate risks, with half needing more action and five requiring urgent attention. Southern Europe is a “hotspot” for urgent risks like crop safety and wildfires. The report highlights Europe’s rapid warming, about twice the global average, and stresses that current policies are not keeping pace with escalating risks.

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