Turkish government admits growing trade relations with Israel while weeping crocodile tears for Gaza

Pro-government trolls were vehemently denying trade or at least trying to justify it. After a particular instance of police brutality on pro-Palestine demonstrators who demanded an end to trade with Israel, public outcry may have led to partial restrictions on trade.

Turkey imposes export restrictions on Israel amid Gaza conflict

One Twitter user has been demonstrating AKP’s hypocrisy:

for 6 months, they have lined their pockets with a thousand and one lies, attacks on those who objected, target deflection, including the ruling politicians. finally the step has been taken. i will be following the implementation, its results and other accounts in the background, if any. please see the list of what we have been sending.

Anadolu Agency, 2 days apart…

April 7th: No goods are sold to Israel, goods sold to Palestine pass through Israel.

April 9: Turkey restricts the sale of 54 product groups to Israel.


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