Losers provoking in Van #VandaDarbeVar

After a travesty of law, Second-placed candidate to be mandated in Van

DEM condemns ‘unlawful’ attempts to oust elected mayor in Van

I am pretty sure this is what “they” plan to provoke the opposition to. Let’s see how it goes…

With the additional decision given by Diyarbakır 5th High Criminal Court on 04.04.2023 regarding Abdullah Zeydan, it was decided to restore the prohibited rights, and since no appeal was filed against the decision, it became final; although the legal remedy stipulated by the law is the appeal remedy and this is clearly stated in the decision, on 29.03.2024, it was decided to annul the previous decision in a way that is not legally foreseen, citing the letter of the Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Judicial Records and Statistics. Since the appeal is open, this arbitrary decision has not been finalized. Therefore, it is unenforceable. It is the duty of all lawyers to stand against this arbitrary and unlawful practice.



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