A dear mentor, colleague Nükhet Sirman detained yesterday

Instead of questioning her in Istanbul, she was taken from her home and sent to Mersin. The alleged crime is that she made an interview with a person under investigation (!).

Prof. Sirman is a rare kind of anthropologist with a permanent emphasis on the field. I was stunned when I heard that she learned Kurdish during one of her late fieldwork among the Kurdish population in Mersin. She is a pioneer in the feminist movement in Turkey and a mentor to many anthropologists who have emerged in Türkiye. As my MA thesis advisor, I owe her for helping me become an academic. My early intellectual development occurred under her tutelage. In recent years, I have not been able to get in touch with her as much as I wanted, and that’s a pity.

I hope she will be released as soon as possible!




Academic Nükhet Sirman detained over ‘research subject under police surveillance’


Prof. Nükhet Sirman released after 3 days in custody

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