Suhur in Gaziantep

My nephew, now close to 5, is growing fast, and Sinem and I want to see him as many times as possible before he loses his baby charm. My sister and her husband are currently stationed in Nizip, Gaziantep, serving as a judge and a prosecutor, respectively. So, for the weekend, we flew to Gaziantep and visited them. Since it is Ramadhan now, in the early morning, during Suhur time, Sinem took this photo. People were waiting for their kebap, and the air was so smoky that Sinem edited the photo to be clear.

In the meantime, I could finally visit Zeugma Mosaic Museum and “the Gpysy Girl”

It is less visited but I stopped by Mİthras Temple there. Check out what Mithraism is.

The travellers:)

We found a place where locals eat!


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