Academic Informatics Conferences resumed and I was glad to be part it

Academic Informatics conferences were led by “the father of Turkish Internet,” Mustafa Akgül.  After his death in 2017, the annual conferences stopped after 2019. I was happy to hear that the meetings would start again. A few days ago, I participated in one of the AI and Social Life panels at Istanbul University.

Here is the short story of this annual conference:

The Academic Informatics Conferences series has been organized since 1999 with the aim of bringing together the groups interested in information technologies in universities to introduce, discuss, share knowledge and formulate common policies in all aspects of national infrastructure, research and development, production, education and usage areas in information technologies.

The conferences are national in scope and are organized only in Anatolian universities in line with the decision taken at the first conference held in 1999. The Internet Technologies Association and the local organizing university cooperate in organizing the conferences. Local organizing universities are determined by the Continuous Organizing Committee by taking into consideration the manpower and conference hall infrastructure of Anatolian universities.

The conferences include paper presentations, presentations by sponsoring companies/organizations, short and long term training seminars, open sessions and working groups. The conferences are open to everyone who registers and participation is free of charge.

Academic Informatics Conferences, which have not been organized for a while, will be revived in 2024, hosted by Istanbul University. In order to make optimum use of the facilities, AB’24 is relaxing the rule of being held in Anatolian universities this year.

You can check out the official site (in Turkish).

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