Why Fatih Terim moved to Panathinaikos?

Why Fatih Terim moved to Panathinaikos? I know it is late. He already won his first game.

I could never like this well-connected macho guy.  He evaded the latest allegations in a fraud case and abruptly moved to Greece. Some messy stuff we will never know about?

Fatih Terim is in Panathinaikos as the team’s manager. He recently reached an agreement in principle with the Greek club Panathinaikos[3]. In his first match as the team’s coach, Panathinaikos won 2-0 against PAS Giannina[1][5]. This unexpected move has drawn attention, and there has been speculation about why he decided to join Panathinaikos[4].

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There are two main speculations regarding Fatih Terim’s move to Panathinaikos. The first is related to the financial situation of the Greek club, which has been struggling with debt and financial difficulties[3]. The second speculation is related to Terim’s past involvement in a multi-million dollar fraudulent investment scheme, which raised questions about his career[2]. His close ties with Turkish government figures, including President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, fuel speculation about potential political influence in his venture into Greece, a country currently grappling with allegations of corruption and mafia influence[2].

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Fatih Terim, a former Galatasaray coach, has been involved in a fraud scandal called the “Fatih Terim Fund.” The allegations against him include:

1. Involvement in a fraudulent investment scheme: The scandal involves allegations of a fraudulent investment scheme orchestrated by Seçil Erzan, the former branch manager at Denizbank Levent[2]. Erzan managed Terim’s financial dealings and allegedly lured investors, including former football stars like Arda Turan and Selçuk İnan, with promises of astronomically high returns, as much as 40 percent a month, using Terim’s credentials to secure their trust[2].

2. Misuse of funds: Erzan claimed that the center of the network, which included famous footballers such as Arda Turan, Emre Belözoğlu, and Fernando Muslera, was coach Fatih Terim, who allegedly convinced everyone to invest in the fund[1]. The fund began to incur losses, and some footballers resorted to threats and blackmail to extort money from Erzan[1].

3. Unclear involvement: Despite the scandal being named after him and the involvement of his family members and close Terim, he was not part of the trial that began on November 20[2]. Furthermore, neither Terim nor Denizbank CEO Hakan Ateş was mentioned in the indictment, despite their names being used to facilitate the alleged fraud[2].

4. Public reaction: The incident has raised questions about the accountability of celebrities and their role in such scandals[4]. Some expressed a lack of sympathy for the footballers, given the high returns they were promised[4].

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