Our “AI for Social Good” Event at @BiLGiOfficial

We have organized a full-day event about “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good” at Istanbul Bilgi University. It was part of the AI Literacy Project, supported by Google Turkiye. The meeting was held in the Energy Museum. If you wonder about the setting in the photo above,

The first part was for a group of students, and the second part was a closed event for the representatives of major civil society organizations. All the output will be released as white reports in a month. Check out our webpage in a month.  The entire project team was exhausted but also relieved as we organized an event that would yield substantial outputs.

Dear Suncem Koçer is an essential actor of this project


Topics Discussed at the Meeting:

Responsible AI Development:

The importance of responsible AI in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Relationship between Artificial Intelligence, Civil Society and Social Good:

The potential of AI to provide social benefit and innovative approaches in this field.

The roles and importance of different stakeholders shaping the AI agenda in Turkey.

Bringing together various perspectives from the worlds of technology, civil society and academia to strengthen the culture of collaboration.

Technology needs and expectations of CSOs in Turkey

The processes, potentials and realities of adoption of AI by civil society and social good workers in Turkey.

Projects and collaborations that can be realized to solve problems in different fields with Artificial Intelligence applications.

The potential of using AI technology for the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the solution of various global social and environmental problems.

Future Directions and Policy Discussions:

The roles and importance of different stakeholders shaping the AI technology agenda in Turkey.

The place of AI in regional and global policy-making processes

Key issues for future events and policy makers.

Thanks to Gizem Kendik of Ashoka Turkey, I have a few cool photos from the event.

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