A video: “The economics of Tinder”

Main points:

00:04 Tinder monetizes loneliness through a genius strategy

02:10 Tinder introduced upgrades like Tinder Platinum to address the issue of drying out matches and messages.

04:07 Tinder’s rapid growth and success was fueled by its marketing strategy on college campuses and the addictive swipe feature.

06:02 Controversy surrounding sexual harassment claims, lawsuits, and safety concerns

08:08 Tinder implemented premium features to generate revenue and made the free version less desirable.

09:51 Tinder’s subscription plans and features are designed to drive revenue by limiting swipes, increasing self-confidence dependency, and introducing higher tiers.

11:35 Tinder uses fake users and monetization tricks to make more money.

13:12 Tinder’s algorithm stops showing profiles that are not popular enough.

15:08 Tinder boosts initial matches to hook users, but then reduces matches to keep them interested.

17:00 Tinder revolutionized dating with clever marketing and gamification.

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