More fails from the opposition

A few days ago, citizens critical of the government had a new hero:

We later learn that Ms. Yurdakul’s reason to quit is not that she protested the media’s unfreedom but she is getting married and moving to the US.  She started to work at Habertürk in 2013 after many of her colleagues were fired or lost their jobs due to their political standings. It is now her turn to be “a hero” back in the US.

In the meantime, CHP just made a new major mistake. I don’t care about this one much but I guess they should be more careful in producing a video. Well, CHP is a family business. Not much talent is needed.


In other news: 

Turkey blocks access to Voice of America’s Turkish website

Minister: Turkey blocked 108 million attempts to access ‘harmful’ websites in a decade

Journalist Barış Pehlivan reimprisoned

RTÜK fines streaming platforms for volating ‘family protection principles’

Over 137,000 web addresses blocked in Turkey in 2022 in new record

Joint appeal from 308 organizations: ‘Stop logging in the Akbelen forest’

These women are fighting back on the continued destruction of Turkey’s Akbelen forest

In Turkey, when forests are not on fire, they are being destroyed by greedy men in suits


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