A fantastic study: Heavy Metals that mention ancient Anatolian Civilizations

This guy in a Turkish Heavy metal blog prepared a hundred-page study. The title and introduction are misleading and nationalistic but the following pages are fantastic!

Here is the link

Italian power/progressive metal band TURBOANGEL is one of the bands that focus on Pergamon/Pergamum. The band’s 1999 EP “As Cold As Ice” opens with the instrumental song “Pergamon”. Similarly, the US thrash metal band THE NATIONAL CEMETERY ORCHESTRA has a song called “Pergamum” on their 2002 album “Beyond the Shadows”. A song with the same name also appears on Mexican black/doom metal band HAGEL’s “Veneration of the Black Light”, released in 2021. LIGHTNING STRIKES ACROSS THE SKY, the 2021 split “Nightmare Kvlt” from the US one-man black metal project, closes with the song “Crawling Toward the Throne of Pergamon”.

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